Kadomatsu Workshop

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Kadomatsu Workshop


December 03, 2017 10:00am-03:00pm


Spalding House

Event Information:

The display of Kadomatsu is a popular tradition here in Hawaii. If you‘ve ever wondered about its origins and how to make one for yourself, please join us! This workshop will enlighten you about the history, design and symbolic elements that are a part of classic kadomatsu. With components sourced locally and from Japan, Rick Hoo will share the history of kadomatsu, and then teach participants how to make a contemporary version to take home. Kadomatsu created during the workshop might not resemble those pictured.

Price: $45 general | $35 museum members

Instructor: Rick Hoo has a passion for creating classic kadomatsu, and has been making them for many years: first with Temari and now with the Kuhio Lions Club of Honolulu. Numerous businesses and private residences each year place orders for and display beautiful classic kadomatsu created by Rick and his fellow Lions Club members.