Art History

  • Realms of Buddhist Art • AHGL173W04

    This five-session workshop examines the extensive evolution, migration and adaptation of art in Buddhism, from its birthplace in India, through East and Southeast Asia. Each session includes presentations and discussions on the different regional varieties of Buddhist art, and the class ends with...

    Gary Liu  
    Nov. 3-Dec. 8
    Fri 10am–noon (5 sessions) Past_exhib_fa17_ah_4
  • The American Mid-Century • AHGL173W01

    Get more out of the milestone exhibition Abstract Expressionism: Looking East from the Far West with this introduction to the traditional understood roots of the movement in early 20th-century abstraction and Surrealism, its well-known development in the New York School, and the major immediate r...

    Gary Liu & Theresa Papanikolas  
    Sep. 22-Oct. 27
    Fri 10am–noon (6 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • Conceptual Art • DPJD173W11

    “The idea itself, even if it is not made visual, is as much of a work of art as any finished product.”—Sol LeWitt, 1967 This statement by Sol LeWitt in 1967 established a new understanding in the art world—for the first time concept was viewed as just as important as fo...

    Jan Dickey  
    Sep. 10-Oct. 22
    Sun 1-4pm (7 sessions) Past_exhib_canceled_class_image