Art History

  • Pacific Tattoo Traditions • AHTA181L01

    Far more than bodily decoration, the tattoo was an integral aspect of nearly all Pacific Island cultures. Tattoos served specific purposes within the social and religious systems, sometimes conveying specific information to one’s community. This series of workshops provides entertaining and...

    Tricia Allen  
    Jan. 24-Mar. 14
    Wed 9–11am (8 sessions) Past_exhib_ah_1
  • Social Philosophy and the Birth of Modern Art • AHGL181L02

    Learn about the social and contextual factors which, combined with formal experimentation, helped give rise to notions of Modernism in western art. Through presentations, discussions, guest speakers and a museum visit, class will examine early, stage-setting factors such as Enlightenment thinking...

    Gary Liu  
    Jan. 26-Mar. 2
    Fri 10am–noon (6 sessions) Past_exhib_full_class_image
  • The 1960s • AHGL181L03

    To examine the aftermath of the paradigm-shifting Abstract Expressionist movement, this three-session workshop takes a closer look at the strategies artists took in its wake to find new effective directions in the avant-garde. Class will participate in presentations, discussions and a...

    Gary Liu  
    Apr. 6-Apr. 20
    Fri 10am–noon (3 sessions) Past_exhib_ah_3