1 Art and Science • DPRB181L04

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Class Name :

1 Art and Science • DPRB181L04

Class Date :

September 06 - December 13

Meeting Times :

Wed 9am-noon (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 201

Instructor :

Guoliang Caji

Price :


About this Class:

1 Chinese Ink Brush Painting • DPGC173A10

Students will be introduced to the aesthetics of the Eastern art through the study of Chinese brush painting. The class leads students through learning and practicing various techniques of brush holding, ink usage, watercolor, and rice papers. Students will also be guided through their sketches and transferring them to a painting.

The 14 sessions are divided into four sections.

Section 1: Students will observe outstanding works of Chinese painting. The instructor will demonstrate the whole process and guide everyone through landscape painting (mountains, stones, clouds, water, trees, etc.).

Section 2: Controlling integration of water and ink, techniques on depicting the “weight” of an object, and getting familiar with rice paper.

Section 3: Copying artworks from others, sketching live scenery, and finding balance of Chinese painting.

Section 4: Application of color and finalizing artwork. Each student will create an artwork for a final project.

Supplies: All supplies will be provided by instructor. If individual students need extra rice paper that is beyond the scope of the class, students will be able to purchase more at a small cost.

No class Oct 11

Artwork by Guoliang Caji

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