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Class Name :

Class Date :

March 03 - March 24

Meeting Times :

Sat 1–6pm (4 sessions)

Class Location :

Metals Studio

Instructor :

Jason Dow

Price :


About this Class:

Advanced Stone Setting • MJJD181L96

Learn how to add professional stone setting to your jewelry designs and projects. Students will use drills, burrs, and gravers to fashion complex settings for round gemstones. Layout subjects include carreau (square), triangular, star, thread (stones aligned in a row), and the challenging pavé setting. Using a video camera and monitor, the instructor demonstrates techniques on the bench  then assists students as they practice on their own.

Cost of Supplies: Estimated $150 supply cost (depending upon what students already have)

Supply list

Where: All classes are held in the Art School Metals studio.

Tools & Supplies: Silver and other metals may be purchased from the Art School for additional fees.

Open Studio: Students must have completed one introductory metals course at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and must be currently enrolled in a class to attend.

Artwork by Jason Dow

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