13 Silver Clay • MJKI181L06

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Class Name :

13 Silver Clay • MJKI181L06

Class Date :

September 05 - December 12

Meeting Times :

Tue 9:30am-12:30pm (14 sessions)

Class Location :

Metals Lab

Instructor :

Kaori Vaughn

Price :


About this Class:

Jewelry Making with Silver Clay •  MJKI172W73

Create your own silver jewelry with silver clay, a new material. Silver Clay consists of binder and silver. Just like any other clay, it is easy to handle. Even those with no previous artistic experience can learn to mold complex shapes and designs. After you mole the clay, it then goes through a firing process, the binder burns away and only pure silver remains.

+$35 supply fee paid to instructor

Artwork by Pearlyn Salvador

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