7 New Shapes for Paper • PBAR181L92

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Class Name :

7 New Shapes for Paper • PBAR181L92

Class Date :

November 11 - November 12

Meeting Times :

Sat & Sun 9am–1pm (2 sessions)

Class Location :

Annex & Room 203

Instructor :

Allison Roscoe & Tamara Moan

Price :


About this Class:

Paper into Books • PBAR173W80

The unique textures and colors of handmade paper can turn any ordinary book into something special. We will use handmade papers as the cover and/or pages of two hand-stitched book forms (one ledger and one more complicated stitch form). Open to students who have taken a recent papermaking session with Allison Roscoe—during this term or in previous terms—or those who have other handmade papers to use.

Supplies: 5-15 handmade papers (8- x 10-inch or larger), awl, bookbinding needle, bookbinding (linen) thread, scissors, raffia or similar type cord, text weight paper (10 sheets), scrap papers

Supply Fee: $15 paid to Allison Roscoe

Artwork by Tamara Moan

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