5 Intro to Digital Photography • PHAB181L73

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Class Name :

5 Intro to Digital Photography • PHAB181L73

Class Date :

September 07 - October 26

Meeting Times :

Thu 5:30-8:30pm (8 sessions)

Class Location :

Room 101

Instructor :

Natalie Nakasone

Price :


About this Class:

Take your photography to the next level through guided observations of art and technique. This intermediate-level class reviews the fundamentals of exposure and composition, with an added emphasis on conceptual and narrative development. Learn to make more thoughtful imagery as we view examples from a curated history of photography—from 19th-century portraiture to work by contemporary artists from Honolulu, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles. Technical studies include: lighting schematics, manual white balance, exploring different focal lengths, and digital inkjet printing. Includes presentations, critique, and photography field trips.

Required: any SLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens. Film and digital cameras welcome.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Photography or equivalent.

Upon registering please e-mail instructor at nnakasone@honolulumuseum.org for course calendar and supply list.

Artwork by Natalie Nakasone

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